Naruto Chapter 696 – To Protect Konoha

Sasuke and Sakura are two of my favorite characters in the entire series naruto 696 chapter scans. Naruto manga 696 is heading towards one more of its beautiful chapter which is yet to release this Wednesday.

naruto manga 696

naruto manga 696

One of the themes in the manga is how pure Sasuke is despite everything that’s happened to him and everything he’s done. Not good or bad, necessarily, but pure. Naive, in a sense. Easily manipulated.

In fact, a lot of his actions can be chalked up to him being manipulated by the people he perceives as superior to him in some way. Itachi manipulated him into avenging the Uchiha clan by killing him. Orochimaru manipulated him into defecting from Konoha with the promise of power. Obito manipulated him into a homicidal rage so that he would willingly work for him.

But for the first time, after Itachi disappears for good, Sasuke starts questioning the world around him. He starts following his own intuition, rather than a path that others have laid out before him. For the first time, his superiors, the past Hokages, don’t try to manipulate him into aiding them. And for the first time, Sasuke makes a decision all on his own: to protect Konoha.

so I’m already a little bit more sympathetic towards them and forgiving of their shortcomings than, say, someone more apathetic towards them would be. Not to mention, I ship SasuSaku, which only makes me even more sympathetic towards them and forgiving of their shortcomings — especially in regards to each other.

Naruto Chapter 695 – Kages from defeat

Wait…I’m sure you are searching for Naruto 695 so it’s been 2 years since the start of Shippuden? iirc Everyone was about 16 when it started, and I don’t recall them ever celebrating Naruto’s other birthday..well, if that’s the case, this makes Naruto 18 as well. Correct? Anyhow, Sasuke could still live for many years, and die of old age like Madara (which by then I guess he could be taken out.)

naruto manga 695

naruto manga 695

Sasuke’s plan is idiotically pointless.

Sasuke plans a Revolution of One Man, and One Man Alone. It matters little if he lives for 200yrs, because as soon as he dies, people will go back to whatever warring and hating they pleased. There will eventually be Chakra beasts like Raikage to lord it over others. Even if there were no chakra, people will still fight just as they were doing before Kaguya came along. In fact when Sasuke dies there will be many would be mini-hitlers trying to take his place and become the soul ruler or Narutoverse.

The only real solution as I said before is to create a system which everyone can buy into, and where they see the benefit of mutual cooperation. If this opportunity to reset the system is lost, no one will remember the good-will that is being/has been engendered by Naruto, and the crushing humility experienced by the Kages from defeat and helplessness. The aforementioned goodwill is a great starting point for cooperation.