Naruto 693 Chapter – Sasuke Changed

Is Sasuke arrogant? Yes, and so naruto 693 is Naruto, and, so was Neji, Kakashi, Oroichimaru, Jiraiya, Sarturobi, etc. Amazingly, like all those characters, Sasuke changed. How you can continue to call him arrogant makes no sense, and just makes you look like you hate him and can’t deal with the fact he’s changing.

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

Sasuke’s arrogance isn’t arrogance at all, he understands how powerful he is, understands things better than everyone else. He isn’t arrogant as much as he is just a fucking asshole. His “arrogance” in thinking himself superior to everyone is the typical arrogance of an elite young person thinking they have no equal, especially since Sasuke was told his entire life he was in fact better than everyone. As far as him being selfish…this couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Sasuke’s entire life is filled with self sacrifice in the name of others. You could make the argument that his desire for revenge was selfish, that he abandoned his friends and village, but unfortunately the flip side of that argument is that he was fighting for his clan and their honor and his friends were holding him back (and ironically, he truly owes nothing to Konoha who had people wishing him dead).

It wasn’t until his realization that Itachi was innocent that you could argue he fell to the side of selfishness, and even then he still harbored feelings for his comrades and risked his life for them and cared for them.

Sasuke is case study in how environmental factors can change the nature of a person. Sasuke was a good natured loving child, and he was turned into a cold heartless bastard. He had his childhood stolen from him, his family killed by the person he loved most, and throughout his life was the victim of mental, physical and emotional abuse. Not to mention he was never given a proper role model nor an adult super vision to our knowledge.

Naruto 693 – Naruto Vs Sasuke

I knew that Sasuke would have done something stupid (for me, surely not for him) in Naruto 693 the end…
But I guess it’s coherent with the character, so no problem.
Well, at least, Naruto Vs Sasuke will happen and I thank Kishimoto for not forgetting about it. LOL
Now, let’s enjoy the true final battle of this manga, hoping that it won’t be disappointing like the one against Kaguya….

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

You see, with Sasuke, it doesn’t come out as forceful. He had patience and obviously gave it a thought. The guy is calling for a revolution, not to impose a self-rule, while threatening to kill those kages, and admitted that he had a change in his purpose.

What about those three schmucks? Same copy+paste bland reasoning that has been already done to death before. Sasuke was hell-bent on revenge, now he’s a hell-bent terrorist. Even his motivation makes more sense.

Oh, and it also required just ONE tiny, puny chapter, unlike 200.

By the way, is Madara’s body still lying around there?…You know what that means, don’t you?

One Piece 761 – Conquerors Haki!

I honestly One Piece 761 manga think Diamante sucks, but how are you going to demean Vergo who beat Smoker with ease (another VA), fractured Sanji’s leg, and is a leader of an entire Marine Base. Sanji even implied that if their fight kept going that he’d be on the losing end.

Some of Doflas officers like Machvise and Buffalo have been subpar, but his seated officers (Diamante isn’t impressive but whatever) aren’t anything to scoff at.

one piece 761

one piece 761

The impression I had with DD was that there are quite a few similarities with Luffy. The way they see their crew and the fact that both have incredible charisma. Plus CoC Haki. Maybe some expected him to have a similar tragic past to luffy to see how luffy couls have been or to just see the contrast in upbringing or whatever.
I am perfectly fine with DD’s past since I don’t see him as just a spoiled brat. Anybody who would have grown up like that would be. He is a freaking psycho who decapitated his own father to get his position back.
We will definitely see more about him that will us not think of DD as a spoiled brat and that is all. He has to have redeeming qualities to have such loyalty from his crew and we will see his character in more depth.

Bleach 597 – Zombie girl’s command

I wonder what happened to Blut Vene Bleach chapter 597. I mean normally a punch and a stab with a sealed zan shouldn’t even scratch a SR. Seems like Kubo forgot that in the first invasion the G13 captains could hardly injure the SR with shikai and now Kensei is pulverizing a SR with his bare hands like Yama-jii did with Wonderbody.

bleach manga 597

bleach manga 597

Well with the explaination Mayuri gave it’s highly likely that Giselle should be fairly fatigued since she created so many captain level zombies…he said, in the scan I read, the stronger the opponent (to a limit I assume) the more blood required to control them…

I have some issues with this but whatever…I can’t be bothered to get into all that now.There was no time for that, since a minute ago Kensei was under Zombie girl’s command.

Maybe they just cut her head off or Mayui used something else to capture her and conduct some experiments. Honestly, it seems like the dude could have ended this a while ago, but instead just wants to test his drugs out.

Naruto 692 Chapter – Sasuke doesn’t like the Bijuus

Umm… Why Minato naruto 692 disappeared? Sasuke still here, Edo Tensei works, and Minato, I think, must be willing to stay and talk normally with his son at least an hour or so. Ahhh, yes, for the sake of drama, okay * cries a lot *

All shinobi are still in the flower or what?

naruto manga 692

naruto manga 692

The Fourth Hokage started Naruto off by dying and sealing the Kyubi and now he ‘dies’ again and knowing that his wish came true. For Naruto it’s summed up pretty well. “This farewell was inevitable…. and he understands”.

Sort of like Kishimoto telling us that everything has a beginning and an end. So now (as rushed as it was) Naruto is headed towards it’s end.

A good chapter in my opinion. Pulled at the heartstrings just enough at the end.Kurama giving Naruto the middle finger made me rofl!

Sasuke did not like the fact that the Bijuus offer Naruto their help willingly. It still looks like Sasuke doesn’t like the Bijuus, whatever that may result to.

One Piece Chapter 760 – Luffy’s Red Hawk at point blank

Luffy being luffy will probably one piece 760 motivate him start following his own dream start his adventure not following anyone blindly, just to go full circle to how Bellamy viewed dreams in Mocktown.

one piece 760

one piece 760

If Law didn’t use his brain , his Devil Fruit mastery wouldn’t be to the level it’s now . If Law didn’t think about using Shamble that split second he would of took Luffy’s Red Hawk at point blankOpe Ope fruit . Law is a thinker , even in the heat of the moment he formulate a counter attack . That’s with or without his ability . Luffy by himself would never be able to Hit Dolfamingo by himself, because Dolfamingo had clones and Bellamy as a shield to do his dirty work.I’m not saying he couldn’t pull out his trump cards I’m saying while Dolfamingo had Bellamy Luffy wouldn’t attack him again . He already messed up once .

I’m not exactly sure if that was his plan or not , Law’s facial experience and his speaking bubbles pretty much says “Luffy you dumbass ! You can’t never stick to the plan !! Something something you owe me one !!” (Not the real text) so it seems it was a made up plan at the heat of the moment .